One woman was killed on November 11, 2013 in Buda, Texas.  The driver of a dump truck apparently failed to maintain control of the commercial vehicle, colliding with a sedan carrying two passengers.  The driver of the sedan was killed.  The passenger, a young child, miraculously survived.

In a tragic accident like this, there are many questions about how and why the commercial truck driver lost control.   As commercial vehicles, dump trucks are regulated as to how much weight they can carry.  Dump truck must also maintain a special type of drivers license to operate such large vehicles.  While waiting for authorities to conduct a thorough investigation as to how this tragic fatal trucking accident happened, a personal injury lawyer should send a letter to the commercial trucking company (owner, driver, and lessee) asking to preserve certain evidence, such as any log demonstrating where the truck was going and where the truck was coming from, any maintenance records, what the truck was hauling (including the weight of any cargo), the maintenance history of the commercial vehicle, and any information about the driver’s history.

Amazingly, in an attempt to earn a profit, commercial trucks and drivers often violate state and federal laws and regulations.  Investigating the cause of an accident and doing due diligence can be very revealing and provide important information to dramatically increase the value of a commercial trucking accident case.